I LOVE to travel – and I think I have been many places, but when you have a map like this and draw the countries, it dosen´t seem a lot after all.

I have highlighted all the countries I have visited in red. So as you can see, I still need to see Africa and South America, but I am sure I will get there some day 🙂 – also many countries and capitals in Europe need my visit – i.e. Belgium, Ireland, Scotland and Portugal and capitals like Prague and Budapest… so I still have many vacations and city trips yet to see.

In my counting, I´ve only drawn the countries I have visited in more than 24 hours (except The Vatican) – so it means that the destinations on my amazing cruise in Caribbean, where we visited Bahamas, American Virgin Island/St. Thomas, Puerto Rico/San Juan and Grand Turk are not included.

The countries I have visited, in alphabetic order:
– Australia
– Belgium
– Borneo
– Canada
– China
– Cuba
– Denmark
– England
– Finland
– France
– Germany
– Greece
– Iceland
– Indonesia
– Italy
– Luxembourg
– Malaysia
– Mexico
– Netherlands
– New Zealand
– Spain
– Sri Lanka
– Sweden
– Thailand
– Trinidad & Tobago
– Turkey
– Vatican State

Sol og Palmer


Many times I have been asked what my favorite country is, but I honestly can´t tell you. I have been to so many interesting places, with nice beaches, fantastic history and with culinary experiences that have surprised, so I will not be able to tell you my favorite country – I think there are many exciting countries – each in their own way.


… also a thing I can´t tell you, but the Caribbean beaches has made a big impression on me…


The most crazy travel year was 2015. I flew from Copenhagen (CPH) airport 7 times!
A Christmas dinner party in Amsterdam in January, a nice round trip in Yucatan (Mexico) in March, a crazy round trip in Australia in May, a long weekend trip to London, study trip to Trinidad & Tobago in October, a girls-trip to New York in December and finally a wonderful London-trip with my boyfriend during Christmas. That was a nice travel year!


Shark cage diving! On me and my sisters round trip in Australia, we visited Port Lincoln just to dive with The Great White Shark. It was a huge experience and when you´re surrounded by 4-5 giant sharks your heart beats a little faster.
I have made a short video about our experience and I think it will join this site in the future, but so far you´ll see me in diving disguise with Mr. Great White. Read about our biggest experience here.

Dyk med hvidhaj

  • During Easter (March 2018) my wonderful boyfriend and I had a romantic trip to Puerto Vallerta, Mexico and a bit of Los Angeles, US
  • In April 2018 I have a study trip to Queensland, Australia
  • 3 weeks in July 2018 my gorgeous boyfriend, our 4 teenagers and I will take a cool road trip in the western US in a huge motorhome.

As you can see we have had some wonderful experiences in the spring and during summer… but we do not have anything booked for autumn and winter yet. We are planning a trip to a Mediterranean Island in September, city trip during winter and probably also a travel during New Year.
But nothing booked.

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