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We all know the Kennedy Space Center and we are all a bit fascinated about what happened back in 1969 when the first man walked on the moon. This is a place we just had to visit!

So much cool stuff is going on at the Kennedy Space Center and we were super excited to visit this extraordinary complex. Since the park is actually a working space flight facility, the complex will give you a deep insight into the phenomenal world of space programs. Incredible moments in history, so much passion, and greatness.

Exploring the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex was the first time for both of us. We are both very interested in history and we get quite fascinated by what is beyond our own small atmosphere. During our 8 hour visit at the KSC, we were both moved, we laughed, we got chills and we were astounded. Even moved to tears sometimes – it was truly an amazing day.

Be early and take your time

We absolutely recommend coming to the park early, because there is so much to see and so much to explore.

The visitor complex opens at 9 am every day – closing time depends on the season.

Parking costs 10 USD for normal cars and 15 USD for motorhomes. Super easy. You can pay both in cash or credit card. There is plenty of parking space and just next to the entrance.

Explore more

The Visitor Complex at KSC consists of different zones or areas. All with different stories to tell. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to see everything. We will strongly recommend to check out the Space Shuttle Atlantis facility and take the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour to the Apollo/Saturn V center. They will surely have a wow-impact on you, particularly when you stand under the Saturn V rocket. Ken was gobsmacked! Just be aware that the bus tour operates until 2,5 hour before closing time.

Besides seeing and reading a lot of captivating history you can try to navigate a space shuttle yourself. You can witness how things unfolded behind the stations in the control center. Furthermore, you can actually feel how it is to be launched into space in a very cool simulator. This was one of our favorites!

The park also has a lot of IMAX theaters displaying some really great movies about how the space program started. Furthermore, they show a really interesting and beautiful movie about the work and life of astronauts in space onboard the International Space Station. Note that some of the movies can last for up to 1 hour. But they are worth it.

You can get pictures taken around the complex and you can even get shot wearing a space suit, hovering around in outer space.

Heroes and Legends

The Kennedy Space Center honors the astronauts throughout the park.  A well-deserved tribute. We all remember Neil Armstrong’s famous phrase when he took his first step on the moon  ”That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. For many boys back in 1969 he became a national hero and idolized. To become an astronaut is a huge achievement, back then as well as today. I would even say it is awe inspiring.

The famous ones are not just recognized. Everyone who took part in the space program can be found somewhere around the complex. Some can be read about, others are shown on info screens telling their stories and some are honored and remembered in their own quiet way. The crews of the space shuttles Challenger and Columbia have their own respectful hall away from the crowd. A beautiful display salutes the 14 souls in a grateful, personal and respectful way. From someone who saw the Challenger disaster, it was quite moving.

Talk with a real astronaut

A cool thing that Kennedy Space Center offers is that you are actually able to shake hand, talk and take your photo with a real astronaut. Check out this page to see who is the astronaut of the day.

If you´re really into the astronaut stuff, you can actually dine with one as well! An ordinary entrance ticket does not have this included though and has to be ordered separately.

When we are speaking of food, KSC has several cafes, restaurants, and grills around the visitor complex. We found the prices very reasonable and the quality of food good considering we were inside the KSC.

Ice cream tip: please try their Space dots. They are very unique, fun and comes in multiple flavors. I tried the cookies ´n cream and it was a fantastic fun experience.

View a launch

Another really cool thing is that KSC invites you to come and see a space launch. Unfortunately, there was no launch on the day of our visit, but we will check this calendar next time we visit – it could be awesome to witness such an incredible event.

On the KSC website, you can find launch dates and prices for the different viewing areas.

Hidden Figures

This is one of our absolute favorite movies. If you haven´t seen it yet, we really recommend you to watch it. It tells you the story of three Afro-American women in the 60s, who changed history. The main character is Kathrine Johnson became one of NASA´s most prominent mathematicians. Please check out the trailer here.

Will we visit again?

It will be a huge YES!

If you have family members who have a thing for space, spaceships, astronauts or are just crazy about NASA history – please do not skip Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral on your next trip to Florida.

Kenneth truly has a huge interest in all the space stuff. He can name you every name on the spaceships or shuttles and the difference between this or that type of rocket or launch. I surprised him with an invite from the Kennedy Space Center. Just like a kid for Christmas, he was so thrilled and looked forward to seeing everything.

Due to the government shutdown, unfortunately, we were not able to reach the launch sites and other things on the bus tour. Kenneth is that super space geek, so we definitely have to visit again – that’s for sure.

Thank you Kennedy Space Center for hosting us. We had an amazing day in the shade of incredible history. We will definitely recommend the park to everyone and we will definitely be back.

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