Do you miss some posts?

Working on new blog

We are so sorry, but we´re moving to a new more shiny and creative site.
A new blog with a new name, a new look…

…but we will still be Christina and Kenneth behind the blog.

Creating new blog

We just think we needed to upgrade the standard with a more easy and recognizable name and a more fancy site.

If you visit the site, please be aware that we’re not quite finished yet. We still need to move some posts, put in some photos, put in some links and create some new content for you.

New start

But there will be a little more to explore on the new site though. We want to create a site with guides, itineraries and inspiration. It will be easier for you to create travels for yourself.

We will also focus more on the ocean and the pollution around us.

If you can´t hold back your curiosity – check out our new site Compass & Coconuts

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