Bucket list for 2017

As a new blogger I think a bucket list for 2017 is right – 2017 is now 10 days old and the travel plans are already started.
I have so many plans and ideas for what I need/have to see this year.

First of all, between Christmas and New Year, me and my wonderful boyfriend bought tickets for fabulous Mexico. So Mar 4 we are off to the Mayan Kingdom with pyramids, ruins, cenotes and long fantastic beaches. We have only bought the flight tickets, so now the planning can begin, many sights are on our list. Mayby also a boat trip to Guatamala, if possible, but much more about our planning in another post.

I have had many flights outside Europe and might neglected Europe and specially the capitals a bit.
5 cities are on my bucket list for 2017 – Paris, Budapest, Rome, Moscow and Edinburgh – I have visited Paris and Rome ages ago, so I think it is about time to visit these beautiful cities again.
In 2017 I hope to visit at least 2 of these capitals – one in the spring and the other in the autumn.

For the summer a trip to Cypress is already booked. Me and my crazy teenagers will have a week in Aya Napa at Sunwing Sandy Bay Beach.
I have never been to Cypress, so we are very excited about this. Much more about this will also be in another post.

My boyfriend and I are both divorced and have 2 children each… both having children every second week, but shifted.
Christmas 2017 we´re both without children and a trip away is needed.
In December 2015 I was in New York and it was truly amazing. The city, the lights and the atmosphere – it was all magical!
I really want to show him that – so I hope for a Christmas trip to New York with the one I love the most.

If all the trips come true, it will be a year for 5 travels – I think it will be a good and exciting travel year.



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