We are Christina and Kenneth, two passionate travelers from Denmark.

Right now we are stuck in Maaloev, a suburb just outside Copenhagen. We´re still in the 9-5 rat race, but with a lot of dreams to change that in a few years.

Kenneth is in the radio communications industry, have been since 2008 and Christina works as a travel agent for a Danish travel agency, but have been in the travel industry for almost 10 years – in hotels and with different travel agencies.

We are deep in love with each other and in the world. We both shares the passion and desire for adventures, beautiful cultures and to experience the world’s wondrous entirety – and an absolute weakness for licorice.

Lifebylauruhn.com was established back in 2016 by Christina. The blog was initially intended to act as a universe for her travel life and thoughts through her many travels, enabling friends and family to follow along.

But along the way, when blogging, sharing photos on Instagram and by following other bloggers – she turned in another direction – thinking it could be fun to make a travel blog for everyone with travels, guides, reviews, tips and much more… and this is the path we are on today.

Deep down we both believe everyone should travel more, even busy moms and dads with jobs, responsibilities and duties. Traveling simply enriches your life!

Hope you will follow along and be a part of the big adventures.

Hugs Christina & Kenneth

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