A speedbump – but with a lot of plans

Hey there… I know I have been away for a while.

I have had a lot of thoughts about traveling, blogging and all the time I spend on the social media for that matter.
Think I just hit a speedbump, but now I am back on track…

My last update was in September last year – I know, 7 month is a long time. I have traveled,  spent time with my family and had thoughts about Life by Lauruhn along the way.

Being a blogger requires a lot of time and as you can read on About, I am not only a travel blogger. I work full time as a travel agent, some weeks more than 40+ hours. Throughout winter, work has required a lot of my attention. I now have a new position I had to get familiarized with and new procedures to be learned.

During Christmas, my wonderful boyfriend and I spent 5 days in Marrakesh.  It was really nice to be able to escape the holidays and enjoy a bit of warmth. Perhaps something will pop up on the blog about Marrakesh. Some pictures can be found on Instagram if you are curious.

Marrakesh  aid ben haddou

Speaking of Instagram

My account has been dormant for a while. I find the media a bit dominating, both in terms of keeping up with followers, give likes and preferably write comments to everything. But also the struggle to GET followers. Why do people wish to follow me one day only to unfollow me the next day? I don’t get it! I am yet to break the code on how to become really successful on Instagram although I have read countless blogs on the subject of how to get more followers. Please share your input if you have!



Well, but time went fast. January and February just vanished. Work, daughter starting in a new school, more work, celebrating relatives with birthdays… more work… then my computer broke down… more work again 🙂

But March offered a nice trip to Mexico and a bit of Los Angeles. April offered me a brand new computer – I love it already…so new, no dust, no greasy fingerprints and it just smells nice 🙂

New computer

So I promise you, I am now ready to blog again… A nice hotel review, a tour review and an itinerary are coming up soon.

Furthermore, April will offer a quick study trip to Queensland, Australia. In May, two of our four kids will have their confirmation and in June we are almost ready for our big family-adventure-trip to The States.

Ready for travel

Hope you will follow me on my coming adventures.

If you have a blog, do you know about these “crises”?

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