13 Postcards from Australia

Australia is a magnificent country – it has it all – deep mystical rainforests, swamps, desserts, nice beaches, great history and a whole bunch of dangerous animals.
…and a funny part I learned in school, was if you clip out Australia from a map and held it above Europe, it would cover it all!
In only 3 weeks, we managed to step foot in 4 territories – From Sydney, to Brisbane, to Cairns – After seeing the great cities of the east coast,
we flew to Australia’s heartland and ended our journey in Adelaide, after a short visit in Port Lincoln.
It was a fantastic experience and I have posted some postcards with some of the highlights below.

Sydney Opera House1. The Danish architect, Jørn Utzon designed this – one of the 20th century’s most famous buildings.
The Opera house opened 20 October 1973 and in June 2007 it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sydney Harbour Bridge2. This iconic landmark for Sydney was finished 19. March 1932.
Since October 1998 it has been possible to climb the bridge – which is also a major tourist attraction.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary3. This sanctuary is the world’s first and largest koala sanctuary. It has over 100 species of Australian animals,
where it is possible to hand-feed kangaroos and wild colorful lorikeets or you can hold a koala.

Lamington National Park

4. With 20,600 acres, Lamington National Park allows you to follow the many walking tracks
and find bird life, ancient trees, waterfalls and beautiful mountain views.

Gold Coast5. Located just approx. 65 kilometers south of Brisbane it has become a major tourist destination.
With nice subtropical climate, good surfing beaches and a lively nightlife it is also known as Surfers Paradise.
Great Barrier Reef

6. The mighty Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system. Has an area of approximately 344,400 square kilometers.
Did you read about our night at the Great Barrier Reef?

Kuranda Railway

7. This train ride is a fantastic scenic tour – the ride is a part of a package were you will see much more.
You can read much more about the tour here.

Kuranda butterfly sanctuary

8. This beautiful place is a part of above tour.
As soon as we stepped into the tropical enclosure we got surrounded by many colorful butterflies.

Kings Canyon

9. At the bottom of Kings Canyon is Kings Creek, surrounded by walls over 100 meters high. It is possible to
take three tracks around the area – some part of the gorge is a sacred Aboriginal site.

Kata Tjuta

10. Also known as the Olgas, it is a group of large, domed rock formations.
The 36 domes that makes Kata Tjuṯa cover an area of nearly 22 km2


11. This famous rock is an icon. It has a great spiritual significance for Aborigines. Uluru is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Read about our heartland adventure here

Great white shark

12. I love every little part of the seven seas – even the terrifying Great White Shark.
To dive with these horrifying creatures was a huge experience – read about meeting with the Great White here.


13. This cozy and fine place had become a very popular beach-side suburb of Adelaide. Many Restaurants, cafes and shops in the area.


What do you think about the 13 postcards ?
Could they inspire you to visit some of the places ?
Have you been to Australia – share your experience 🙂



    1. Thank you so much, Nele.
      I love to take pictures – so turning them into postcards, is a pretty fun idea.
      You have to visit Australia, such an amazing country – so much to offer.
      xx Christina

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